Smartfren Mengeluarkan Ponsel Pertama Edisi Islami

Welcoming the arrival this month of Ramadhan, PT Smart Telecom and PT Mobile-8 Telecom Tbk launched a mobile 'smartfren' Islami edition with attractive packages. The first Islamic-themed cell phone bundling collaboration between these two CDMA operators to provide content applications Islamic nuances(Read : SMS Mutiara Ramadhan).

 Smartfren Mengeluarkan Ponsel Pertama Edisi Islami
martfren Mengeluarkan Ponsel Pertama Edisi IslamiTo HAPE 'smartfren' Islami from Smart Telecom & Mobile-8 Telecom, users can simply spend USD 319 000 (price excluding taxes). Every purchase of HAPE, the customer will get a 7 day free Islamic content such as Islamic studies, Hadith Saheeh, Asmaul Husna, and Novel Islami. Not only that, customers will also get 30 days free Internet, free RBT 30 days and 30 days free Islami Islamic SMS. Partial results from the use of content will be diinfaqkan Islami.

He hopes that mobile 'smartfren' This is un-Islamic products and services that best meet the needs of Muslim communities in increasing his faith. "Hopefully with the HAPE 'smartfren' Islami, customers will receive many benefits through the content - Islamic content in it," he added.

"With HAPE 'smartfren' un-Islamic, we want to introduce the latest products and services to meet the needs of the people of Indonesia will be nuanced Islami telecommunications services at affordable prices," said Sukaca Purwokardjono as Group Head of Product and Device Management Mobile-8 Telecom. (Rahida Saim)


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